Dear Men, Here Are The 4 Benefits Of Taking Folic Acid

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Most people think that folic acid is only important for women who are pregnant or of childbearing age. This is not true, because it is important for everyone, including men. Folic acid is made from folate, a vitamin B9 that the body needs but can't make on its own.

Folate is found in foods like liver, spinach, beef, bread, eggs, etc. Your body needs folate to do important things like make red blood cells. You'll also need to take folic acid to make sure you don't get too little of it. Read this article written by Healthline if you want to know why men should take folic acid.

1. It keeps men from getting depressed.

A lot of men have mental disorders like depression, which are caused by low folate levels in the blood. Men who take folic acid and antidepressants are less likely to get depressed or have other mental health problems.

2. Helps keep the heart healthy

Heart diseases are one of the most common ways men die around the world. Heart problems cause about one out of every four deaths in men.

Folic acid helps prevent heart problems by lowering the amount of homocysteine in the body. Homocysteine is a waste product of protein digestion that causes most heart problems, strokes, and high blood pressure.

3. May help get pregnant

Folic acid and Zinc supplements are recommended for people who are having trouble getting pregnant. This will help make men more fertile by making their sperm better and more mobile.

4. Hair growth

Folic acid can also help men grow their hair faster. People who lose their hair or get gray hairs before they should usually have lower folate levels.

If you're a man, you shouldn't take more than 1000 mcg of folic acid every day to avoid side effects like prostate cancer.

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