Oliver Barker "Shades" Eugene Arhin In A Recent Post

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The attempt to defend President Nana Addo's profligate travelling once again by the Director of Communication, Eugene Arhin, has backfired and now, there has been the creation of the room for more accusations to troop in.

The Lead Convener of the Fix The Country Movement, Oliver Barker Vorwamor, first gave a logical reasoning to prove that the release from the Presidency was "senseless". He has now come out with a shade at the Director of Communication.

"Sometimes when you read some of the press statements coming from the presidency you can just tell that it started as a Facebook post. Then at the last minute, they decide that they can actually use the coat of arms and the presidency letterhead to release it.

I think on this jet matter, the Director Of Communication, Mr Eugene Arhin, should have just continued with the Facebook post"

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