Top 10 things students are doing during this pandemic homestay, studies come last


When the world was hit by the corona virus which originated in China, many things came to a halt. International air public transport was closed among other restrictions. Another major act to curb the spread of the virus was closure of schools and institutions. This move made many students to stay at home. While many are idle, here is a list of what they are doing starting with the commonest:

1.Walking around the area market.

When you go to any trading center the number of youth is always overwhelming the adults. These are students who are not in school at the moment.

2. Chatting with friends on their phones

Depending with the capability of their phones, some chat through SMS while those with internet accessible phones to chat on social medias like WhatsApp. They also do it online in platform that give chat option. You can not know whom they chat unless you access their phones. They mostly chat with schoolmates and new people they meet online.

3. Photoshoot

Youth are taking photos with different types of cameras. Most of these photos are uploaded to their social media accounts.

4. Boy-girl relationship

This is normally done secretly, but few courageous boys or girls will walk with their love birds openly on the street.

5. Watching TV programs and listening to music

With the current generation being lucky to access a television screen, most students are glued to the TV. They watch movies, shows and programs like wrestling. They also view and listen to music

6. Traveling

Most students travel around visiting their friends or relatives. They move from town to town in area where movement is no restricted.

7. Betting and gambling

Football betting is one out of other games that students who are above the age of 18 are doing. They place small amounts of money with hope of gaining more.

8. Working for a leaving

Many students are occupied with various kind of jobs Wich pay them. They are selling in shops, hawking goods, bodaboda , car wash, farm work and many other jobs.

9. Playing games

Ground games like football is what is done by many. Some are involved in PlayStation, chess and even mobile phone app games.

10. Studies

Some few students are doing online studies. For example Catholic university students are attending classes online. Some students revise through their notes and revision papers.


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