Cops Exhume Body Of Murdered Girl After 2 Months, "they forgot to conduct DNA."

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Heartbreaking news from Karara in Nyakinyua, Moi's Bridge. Body of a 12 year old, has been exhumed for post mortem and DNA test.

Going by the reports, the exercise has been conducted by detectives from Homicide and forensic department. The deceased's names are Grace Njeri.

At the scene; the distraught family and neighbors, heartbreakingly watched as the detectives exhumed the body. The exercise took three hours.

According to the police, despite of allowing the family to burry their kin on, June 12th, post mortem must be conducted. Note; Grace and other four kids were abducted by, confessed serial killer Evans Juma Wanjala.

All the four victims have evidence of being defiled but Grace was brutally killed. In fact, some of her body parts haven't been recovered, till today.

On the other side, our security should style up. How can they allow a body to be buried, without post mortem and clearance.

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