How to know if a guy is interested in you


Would you believe that a simple and great way to determine a guy’s level of interest in you is by not texting him? It actually works. If you feel like he is losing interest and doesn’t reply much, then this is a great strategy. Don’t text him and he will text you. It’s that simple.

This works in cases when he actually did like you and find you attractive but lost interest due to some reason.

Say, for instance, the reason why he lost interest in you and stopped replying to your texts is that you over pursued him and came across as desperate.

Rather than chasing him and blowing his phone up with more texts, do the opposite. Don’t text him and he will text you because the fear of losing you and the sudden change in your behavior will make him feel unsettled, anxious and confused.

If he actually cares or still has some degree of interest in you, he will text you.

At which point, you can reply in a manner that maintains interest and sets the stage for an attraction rebound.