JM Speaks On Payment Of Salary To First Lady: Check How Ghanaians Reacted To His Statement


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One issue that has attracted the attention of many Ghanaians this week is the payment of salaries to the spouses of the President and the Vice President. A lot of concerns have been raised by Ghanaians in relation to this matter with many demanding for the section of the Constitution that made such provisions hence describing the step as unconstitutional and must be withdrawn.

There have been various lawsuits seeking to reverse this decision to pay the First Lady and Second Lady. The former President, John Dramani Mahama has also expressed his opinion on the matter. The former president said he disagrees with the payment of salaries to the aforementioned persons. The former president stated the an attempt is being made to sneak the spouses of the President and Vice President into the Article 71 office holders' group. He described this as problematic.

The stand taken by the former president has received massive reactions on social media after it was posted on his Facebook page. Many have applauded the former president for taking a stand against the issue while others also believe the former president is saying that because he is not in power.

The link below can be used to access the statements of Former President Mahama on the issue:

Below are some of the reactions:

What is your view on the payment of salaries to the First Lady and Second Lady?

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