To Be Called A Celebrity Should It Be Honourable Or Dishonourable? Stardom Is Becoming Abusive


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I was once upon a time dressed shabbily on my way to visit my father all because "I am a new graduate in town." As soon as I got there, he will not even let me enter the house, he screamed allowed, "my son, being a graduate should teach you sense and not madness!" This quote from my father quickly drew my attention to the stone I was hewn. The kind of training I have received earlier before school.

It is of a great relevance to have a guardian who sets guidelines to construct your daily mannerisms. Today I am borrowing the same correction I received from my father to address the issue of how we define Celebrity and Stardom in our generation. "Being a celebrity without living an honourable lifestyle is unlawful." Because you have secret admirers and those who are following your steps as role models. Recently, I deleted one public figure I took as a role model in the film industry from my gallery. She started decently but the demon of being a star or a celebrity took control of her. With this, she didn't know someone was her die hard fan. Many through dubious means seek fame by all means and don't really think about what the outcome holds. They go to the extent of calling themselves nudists and so on. I strongly believe that, whatever you are is not surprising to God, because He gave you your abilities and decides who becomes what at the right time. Most of our popular celebrities have abused the glory of stardom, calling the honourable dishonourable. Therefore, the up and coming have nothing to emulate. It is very necessary to a step into the future and it is also important to measure the value of our actions.

The Holy Bible says, "Good name is better than riches." It has happened to our sister Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo, being in police custody wasn't her dreams and aspirations, yet, it has happened. Perhaps she thought of playing her cards well and not to fall into the trap of the State, but it has happened. Let's take notice of this;

Anything you are not capable of controlling, will control you.

Thank you very much. God bless you.