Famous Ghanaian Celebrities Whose Marriage Has Lasted For So Many Years- Photos.


Marriage is a beautiful thing as God has planned it for human being, many people get married base on so many purpose.But it really beautiful when it last long between the two couples.

Reginald Osie popularly known as Reggie Rockstone as the father of Hip life in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone is a Ghanaian rap artist. The rapper cliam he met his wife in a night club. She was a very young beautiful girl. Who had been dumped by her man.

So she was troubled when he came into her life. He continue to say they did not met in a church and here they are today. They have married for 20years now since 2001 with the couple having three amazing kids.

Van Vicker is a famous actor in Ghana. He is very talented and common in some Ghanaian movies, The actor took to social media to narrate his marriage with his wife. According to him, he was working hand to mouth and had to struggle to meet his daily needs.

He revealed that he had no support from anywhere and had to face hardship in life alone. At that time he met his wife, van Vicker said he needed no soothsayer to tell him that she was the one God planned for him as a wife.

Adjetey Anang, popularly known as pusher, is a Ghanaian and Nigeria actor who has been in uncomfortable movies He is married to Elom Anang, with whom he has one son. The pair have really gone a long way, they have been married for the past 14years now. In general despite the doubters and skeptics, these performer marriages have been able to with stand the test of time. This is something that most Superstars should strive to achieve.

Majid Michael is an award winning Ghanaian actor who Rose to fame after his role in the moive, "Things we do for love".

The actor who like to keep secret about his family life out of social media is in married to a very beautiful woman for over 13 years now.

Majid's wife known as Virna Michael is a maternity clothes designer who produces high-quality clothes for pregnant women. Majid and his gorgeous wife renewed their vows in 2015 in a plush private ceremony after a decade of being married.

Make sure you keep your marriage save weather is for better or for worse, because marriage is truly a beautiful thing that can ever happen to a man or a woman. Follow for more updates.

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