Check Out Photos Of A Beautiful Akorino Lady From Kenya Who Dresses Uniquely


Akorino, is a religion adopted by many people from Central Kenya. It is very conservative and its members are subjected to strict rules.

Akorino people are very original in terms of the culture and norms. They do not believe in modern medicine and trust in the healing power of the Lord. They also wear decently, mostly long dresses for women and a headwrap which is compulsory for both men and women.

However, one Akorino lady from Kenya has defied this rule and lives a separate life. Carey Priscilla, is a make up artist who has worked with various top celebrities including Nadia Mukami.

She is surely a beautiful and charming soul, evident through her Instagram photos. She wears make up, and does not adhere strictly to the Akorino dressing clothes. She blends her long dresses with nice shoes making her look nice. However, she has not let go of her headwrap

The cute lady has today posted a photo of her cute baby bump and many took to congratulate her for this milestone.

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