Did You Know That This Slay Girl Is A Garri Seller? See Photos Of Her Making Garri At Home


Not all girls are the same, some of them are very hardworking and also have leisure time for fun. These girls engage themselves in hard work after they might have slayed on the internet. You may be seeing these girls flaunting their wealth and would start to think that they do depend on men but the truth is that most of these girls are real-life hustlers. A girl simply identified as Chioma on Twitter has shocked her followers after she uploaded pictures of her job. According to her, she said that she makes a living by selling Garri to the market people.

She uploaded the pictures of her harvesting Cassava and frying the Garri which after would be sold to people in the market.

See pictures of her making Garri from the Comfort of her home.

I was touched when I saw the pictures on my Twitter timeline, I had always thought that she might be a daughter to a very wealthy man. I never knew that she was a proud Garri producer and seller at the same time.

See pictures of her slaying online after selling her Garri.

May God Bless all the hardworking women out in the street. Please write a little prayer for her that God would continue to bless and support her in her business.

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