DCI Exposes 'Beauty Trick' A Suspect In Child Kidnapping Used To Conceal His Identity


Detectives from Directorate of Criminal Investigation DCI have exposed how Delvin Maina, a baby kidnapper, attempted to escape their hunt trap.

Delvin Maina is the main suspect in the kidnapping of Liam Ngucwa Mwangi who went missing on June 2nd at Murang’a.

Detectives found Liam today at a house in Naivasha following a five-days search by the team.

They went ahead in pursuit of the kidnappers after reuniting the baby with his family.

The search bore results despite the Delvin being cheeky and clever in concealing his identity from the public.

According to the statement by DCI, Delvin had his hair braided in one of the saloons at Naivasha town.

Delvin was on a getaway motorbike when the team following him pounced on him.

The kidnapper is said to have been working as a houseboy at home of Liam’s grandparents.

This was one of the few successful cases by detectives dealing with missing children.

Cases of children disappearing mysteriously have been rampant. They are sold, used for rituals and some used to ask for ransoms.

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