Two ‘Girlfriend Killers’ Who Are Being Chased By The Police

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The year 2021 has not ended but has so far seen many jilted boyfriends and husbands ending the lives of their partners in a sad manner. From across the country, stories of killings among lovers have been very rampant. In most of such circumstances, the lifeless bodies of the victims are seen in sad positions and the killers will be nowhere to be found.

The sad aspect of the situation is that after they have committed the crimes, they quickly leave the scene without any trace making the police deploy all their intelligence. Many young ladies have died painfully through these criminal activities. Many husbands and boyfriends have as well been arrested by the police with many serving various jail terms but there are some who are still on the run after committing the crimes.

For now, two boyfriends are still on the run after they are alleged to have killed their girlfriends in cold blood. One of such incidence happened at Damango and the other was at Fiave in the Volta Region of Ghana. Louise Asante is currently nowhere to be found after her police officer girlfriend, Sandra Asiedu was murdered in her home at Damango. It is alleged that Luis Asante committed the crime and bolted. For about five months, suspect Louise Asante has still not been arrested.

Just recently, a young man who is popularly known as Frank also killed his girlfriend, Lizzy, and dumped her body in the fridge. He bolted from the scene after committing the crime and there has not been any news of the police arresting him. It has been days now and the police are still hunting for the boyfriend of the late young lady who has been identified as a non-Ghanaian.

Now, these two stubborn ‘girlfriend killers’ have become a huge challenge of the Ghana Police Service and a headache they need to clear out of the way. There has since not been any latest news about their whereabouts. The police are still chasing them with their gathered intelligence and we can only trust them to bring these suspects to book. From wherever they are, they must be made to provide answers on why they committed the crime. They must be paraded before the court to answer their guilt or not. They must be arrested for the families of the deceased victims to receive justice.

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