How Rhesus Factor in Blood Causes Miscarriage and Other Pregnancy Problems


One can either be rhesus positive or rhesus negative. Rhesus factor is usually determined by the protein substance located on the red blood cell. Those with this protein are said to be rhesus positive while those without are negative. Sometime a women may develop problems during pregnancy due to rhesus factor. Most people are rhesus positive, if a mother caries a child that is rhesus positive there are no any problems experienced.

The problems develops when a mother is rhesus negative and then carries a child with rhesus positive. Mother's antibodies start to fight the fetus and this can lead to miscarriage or other problems. This mostly happens in the second pregnancy. The first pregnancy is usually safe and no any problems brought about by the rhesus factor. The fetus can be saved by seeking medical attention so fast. The rhesus factor of the mother is suppressed and the baby can develop with no complications.

Rhesus are inherited from either a mother or the father of the child, however sometime the child does not inherit any rhesus factor. In this cases the child remain rhesus negative.During pregnancy mother's antibodies can close through the placenta to the fetus. If the antibodies doesn't match, the mother's antibodies start to fight and kill fetus red blood cells faster than they can be replaced. This can lead to miscarriage due to death of the fetus.

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