It Was Clout Chasing, Harmonize Reveals That he Hasn't Broke up With his Mzungu Lover Briana.

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Harmonize was clout chasing, when he said that Briana has dumped him after being together for three months. The news were all over the social media pages and even on twitter he was trending at number 1 and most of his fans were criticizing him.

Today he updated on his official Instagram page that he is not single, and he was just joking. The main aim for that clout was to help him promote his latest song that he will be dropping today.

Here are is the screenshot of harmonize words.

Here is the screenshot of the song Harmonize wil drop today.

Clout chasing is something that most African musicians are used to doing in order to push their projects. It may be successful and sometimes it may fail, it depends with the topic. So for harmonize, he has gained alot and maybe the song he is set to drop today will gain a huge number of views on YouTube.

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