If This Is Truly What The Bible Is Saying About the LGBTQ, Then We Should Forget About The Bill.

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Though our leaders are doing everything possible to prevent this evil practice from becoming a norm innour societies, hence they have proposed an anti LGBTQ bill to Parliament pending approval to deal with any person in the country who involves him or herself in the act.

As I was reminiscing about the proposed bill and the kind of punishment it suggests for the perpetrators of the LGBTQ, I was quick enough to attend to my holy Bible to read more on how the Jewish who were found guilty of homosexuality were punished per God's commandments.

And it was very surprising what God himself ordered to be done to those who endulged in that act. According to the book of Leviticus 18:22, if a man lie with his fellow man as in sexual intercourse, the are both to be killed for it is an abominable act.

If the kind of punishment proposed by God in the book of Leviticus couldn't scare people at that moment to desist from the act, how can just a meer punishment by imprisonment deter those gays and lesbians from backing off this evil practice? In that case there is no need advocating for the bill.

In my candid opinion, I suggest people who are found in the practice should be sentence to death since this is the only way to put some iota of fear in those pushing for that LGBTQ right.

Do you think the proposed bill by Parliament is will be strong enough to deal with this ever rising push for LGBTQ rights?

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