5-Types of dreams you should not joke with

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Many people think dreams are pieces of reincarnated former lives we once had, while others believe they are random ideas plucked from our memory while we sleep. There are various misunderstandings about what dreams are, but the fact is that dreams can be reenactments of previous events or predictions of future events. Dreams may have a distinct interpretation of what is shown, and they do not follow the same timeline as our everyday lives: Our worldly representation of time advances at a slower pace than heavenly time. Psalm 90:4 states, "A thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday after it has passed, and like a watch in the night" (KJV). Dreams should be treated seriously, which is why it's a good idea to look through your dreams in the initial few minutes after waking up. If you have any of the following visions, please pray against them:

1. Paying a visit to a morgue or a cemetery:

These are some of the most common signals of coming peril to the dreamer's life, and God is striving to preserve the dreamer from the danger; otherwise, there would be no warning at all. "In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed," Job 33:15-18 (KJV) states, "Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their teaching, That he may withhold man from his aim, and hide vanity from man." He saves both his soul and his life from the fury of the sword.

2. Seeing a lovely sky become dark: While these dreams aren't as common as the ones mentioned above, they do serve as a powerful warning. Such dreams imply that the dreamer is likely to get connected with something or someone that will put him or her in an uncomfortable predicament. This sort of dream may or may not contain death or fatality, but it does entail the loss of something extremely significant, such as one's fate, spiritual gifts, or health.

3. Being brutally dragged towards something or someone: This is a highly hazardous and strange dream, but it signals that something harmful has focused its attention on the dreamer. They normally take longer to appear, but trust me when I say that you have piqued someone's interest in you. This sort of dream generally means you're dealing with a supernatural force. They are frequently carried out by demons or idols who own man-made objects, creatures, or plants. Typically, this sort of adversary is unnoticed, or should we say "invisible."

4. Having dreams about being bitten by small insects or animals indicates that your well-being is being forcefully assaulted, which might result in death after a long battle. These are only a handful of the various types of attacks carried out by witches and aquatic spirits, most of which go unnoticed. Spiders, scorpions, lizards, and other tiny critters carry out these activities. If you see visions like this, I recommend seeking deliverance and praying regularly and vigorously.

5. Talking to or seeing deceased relatives: This is another typical form of dream, and it implies that the dreamer is likely to die. These dreams are common among the elderly, but they can also happen to younger individuals under odd circumstances.


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