A Glimpse of Hope To Kenyans Over Hiked Gas Prices


A private Kenyan has given fellow citizens a glimpse of hope over the hiked gas prices after filing a case in the court of law challenging the move.

Oscar Okumu argued that imposing the said 16% VAT on LPG will immensely affect the common Kenyans who are already suffering the difficult economy. He further noted that the increment will not only affect the prices of gas, but also scale down to other essential commodities.

He additionally warned that the move might cause environmental degradation as majority turn to the use of firewood and charcoal thus reversing the great achievement made in conservation of the environment.

"Among the reasons for zero rating LPG, was to move Kenyan households towards clean energy and reduce pressure on tree cover from firewood and charcoal consumption," he said as quoted via the Star.

Oscar's challenge halted National Assembly's move of engaging the members of the public in a public participation as demanded by law.

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