"Tutakomesha Madharau Yenu" UhuRaila Allegedly Told During Murang'a Rally On Monday

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Deputy president William Ruto toured Murang'a county accompanied by his close associates and other political leaders. Ruto together with his allies honorable Kimani Ichungwa, Moses Kuria and other political leaders revived their attack on president Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a video posted by a writer in his you tube channel, Kimani Ichungwa reportedly told Uhuru Kenyatta that come 2022 general elections they will go home together with his Azimio coalition.

Ichungwa claims that team Azimio has been insulting bottom up economy model , saying that University graduates cannot work with a Wheelbarrow. Forgetting that most Youths in Kenya are unemployed and they can do any jobs even with a Wheelbarrow . As long as they get money in their pockets.

He also added that it's indeed sad that Uhuru Kenyatta the son of mountain can betray his people even after voting for him twice in 2013-2017. Ichungwa vowed to hit the ground campaign and mobilize Mt Kenya to vote for Deputy president William Ruto. And he will be the fifth president of the republic of Kenya. And it will be the end of UhuRaila merge.


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