Police To Arrest People Not Wearing Face Mask and Those Wearing Facemask On Their Chin - CP Odumusu


The Lagos state Police Command has issued a Stern warning that they would begin to arrest Lagosians moving around the state without face mask. 

This announcement was made by the  Commissioner of Police (CP) Hakeem Odumosu. 

Odumosu explained that Governor Babajide Sanwolu has given the police, and other law enforcement agencies in the state, the go-ahead to arrest those violating the safety directives given by the state government, after easing the lockdown. 

Mr Odumosu said for Emphasis “we will arrest those who put the Face mask on their chin and those not wearing the face mask."

As soon as you step out of your house to the public space, you must ensure you wear your face mask correctly, to protect yourself and others from getting or spreading the virus.  

He went on to explain that the cases of COVID-19 in Lagos are becoming alarming and the public seem not to be cooperating with the government to manage the situation. 

People are seem gathering at the bus stop, disregarding the social distancing rule and face mask usage.

Most hawker are moving about without face mask and these behaviors are putting the lives of Lagosians in danger. 

Lagos State is currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 virus in Nigeria and the cases keeps increasing daily. 

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