''Don't Allow Any Pastor Who Cannot Even Speak Proper English To Deceive You '' ~Captain Smart


Many people have condemned Captain Smart since he departed from Angel Broadcasting Network. After his resignation, a number of people who claim to have worked with Angel business for a very long period came forward to disclose some secrets about him.

Prophet Adu Boahen, a brother of Dr. Kwaku Oteng, has come out to say that Captain Smart is merely fooling the public and that he is not the actual person he portrays himself to be. Captain, on the other hand, challenged him not to respond because he had more information about him.

Captain Smart has gently responded to Prophet Adu Boahen in one of his current videos by saying that no one should listen to him.

"Don't be deceived by any pastor who can't even communicate in proper English."

He continued, after quietly responding to Adu Boahen, that the bulk of Ghanaians are quite reckless when it comes to environmental cleaning.

"Before Ghana to progress positively in development, we need independent-minded people who are unconcerned with political parties." We'd be stuck in class one till thy kingdom comes if it weren't for this."

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