Amount of Money Chemutai Who was 'Mistaken' for Caro Allegedly Paid for a Room She Rented


The story of one Phanice Chemutai who was shot after the alleged mistaken identity has since gone viral. K24 TV confirmed the amount of money she paid for renting a room around the place the ordeal took place. 

As per the source, Chumutai was supposed to spend a night in that particular rented room together with her sister. She was going to help her get a birth certificate and also do her application for joining college.

The source has stated that she rented the room with KSh.300. As per the story, she did not spend the night in that place because she was shot by the man who was suspecting her as the wanted killer Cop. Caroline Kangogo.

She was given first aid treatment after being rescued by the police officers who were doing patrol in that area. Caroline is however still on the run after she allegedly committed two murders. We wish Chemutai a quick recovery.