Football Player Without Tattoos


Being rich comes with a lot of expensive things like houses,cars and even wearing coloured writings on ones body. Here are football player without tattoos.


He is an Egyptian professional football player,he is one of the few football player not to have tattoos on his body. The reason behind this is that Mohammad is Islamic and in Islam it is forbidden to have tattoos.


Cristiano is one of the best football player in the world, instead of putting on tattoos on his body cristiano is focused on helping others. He donate blood regularly and that is the reason Cristiano does not have tattoos on his body.


David is a Brazilian professional football player who does not have tattoos on his body, the reason David does not have tattoos is because he is a devoted Christian and also its prohibited.


Despite winning everything in his career Robert choose not have any tattoos on his body. Robert is a polish professional football player who plays as a striker,he is one of the few football players without tattoos.