Let me reveal the source of his wealth today- Kennedy Agyapong ‘boldly’ declares


Kennedy Agyapong has made another bold revelation and made a comment as well and has caused stir. Kennedy has revealed the main source of Nana Addo’s income and has caused massive stir online. Many have criticized Nana Addo as a person who is wasting the country’s money and other resources.

The daily criticizing comments against him is as a result of the fact that many people think he’s misusing the country’s money or resources.

Kennedy claims this is not the case, Kennedy Agyapong claims the source of Nana Addo’s wealth has always been due to hard work and nothing else. He claims for as long as he has known him, there’s no way Nana Addo will take advantage of the country’s resources. As a result this fake news from the Ndc should be boycotted.

Let me reveal the source of his wealth today to all the Ndc members as well as the source of his success today, Nana Addo has always been a hardworking man and has earned everything he has achieved through hard work- Kennedy stated.

Kennedy Agyapong firther narrated how he, Nana Addo has suffered in the country in trying to make Ghana a better place and this is not the time to destroy the country.

Kennedy revealed that for someone who had his father being a very renounced politician and a brilliant member of the big men of the country who saved Ghana, he, Nana Addo avoided favoritism at all levels and worked his way up and that’s the mark of a true and commuted leader. Kennedy further showered praises on him and revealed that the country is in best hands.

Richisen newshub-gh@operanewshub.com