She was kidnapped before her wedding - see where she was found.

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Amina Gwani Danzarga, a lady to be married in Kano, who apparently disappeared a couple of hours to her wedding, has been found. 

Amina's uncle, Gwani Yahuza Gwani Danzarga, affirmed that his niece was discovered Tuesday morning, after the family was informed that a young lady was found at Bayero University, New site grounds. 

"Someone called Amina's mom and revealed to her that the young lady was found on BUK street. We immediately went there and discovered Amina crying", he said. 

He added that since she was discovered, she has not been talking, though speaks with her hands. 

"We are appreciative to Allah that she has been brought together with her family", he added. 

As for when the marriage will occur, sources from the family said that, for the present, the marriage has been suspended, until when the young lady recovers. 

Reports confirmed that, Amina Gwani Danzarga was purportedly grabbed on Friday, two days to her wedding on her way back from Dorayi quarters, where she went to drop her tests card. 

Her uncle, Danzarga had revealed to news men, that apart from two instant messages gotten before now from her phone line, the family has not gotten any call from the young lady or her abductors. 

"Hours after she was pronounced missing, we got two distinctive instant messages, the first was a danger not to call the young lady's number again, and the subsequent one was was from her more youthful sibling, mentioning to place her in our supplications, as the other woman who was purportedly abducted together with Amina had been killed. 

"We have not gotten any message again as her number isn't going through. 

"We are just imploring Allah Almighty to uncover anybody that contributes to this capturing," he said. 

The family likewise exposed the talk, suggesting that their girl may have arranged the demonstration, since she was not intrigued by the marriage. 

Hajiya Hajara Anas, an auntie of the stole woman, revealed to news men, that the young lady truly adores her life partner, as she was profoundly associated with the wedding plans. 

"She truly cherishes her life partner. All through a week ago, she was in my home for Gyaran Jikin (customary body beatification). 

"I took her to my neighbor who does Gyaran Jiki in Kofar Mazugal. 

"You know a young lady who doesn't need the marriage or doesn't adore the life partner, would not do it for the wellbeing of marriage," she added. 

The life partner of the person in question, Umar Hassan, kick against the idea of Amina staging her own disappearance, as she is kept in isolation. 

"I know the kind of woman Amina is; a quiet and respectful young lady. 

"She can't do anything in spite of our religion. 

"We love one another and the two of us are anxious to observe our big day," he said. 

Reviewing his last second with her, Hassan said he talked with her couple of moments before her kidnapping. 

"I was driving when I called her however her line was not going through, and she later called me and we talked on our wedding arrangements, as the organization was terrible. I vowed to get back to her when I returned. 

"At the point when I returned, it was at that point 11 pm. I called her number yet the number was not going through. 

"I didn't expect anything as I was suspecting it was an organization issue. The next morning I called her however the number was not associating. 

"It was later her senior sibling called me and advised me of what had occurred, reassuring me to stay cool and ask hard," he added.

Sources : Daily trust news

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