Is This What Poor People Are Enjoying — Lady Says As She Records Herself Sitting On Okada (Video)

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How can a person refer to those who pick okada as 'common people'? Relax as i share with you a video of what a lady recorded herself saying while sitting on okada claiming it's her first time. But before, please kindly follow Mdk Banahene in order to be notified on new updates.Sometimes I wonder why some people are so mean like that. In video sighted on the Instagram page of Vimbuzzgh, a young lady whose identity is not yet known to Mdk Banahene records herself sitting on okada claiming it's her first time as she question if this is what poor people are enjoying.

Acccording to her, she feels so traumatized and scared sitting on okada and for that matter, 'common people' are going through a lot and she wish she can do something about it.

Infact, her choice of words were so disrespectful. I wonder a person claiming it's her first time of picking okada were able to record herself on a rough road with the motorbike jumping up and down. What baffles me more is the way and manner she was speaking as if she wanted to cry.

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