''There is no Plan to Eliminate Boarding'' CS Magoha Assured parents Over Junior Secondary.

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The latest report from the ministry of education state that boarding schools will be phased out gradually . This is now a relieve to some parents who have their children in some big boarding schools in Kenya. According to the education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha , ''“There is no plan to eliminate them, but there is consideration.” A progressive approach is required. “Perhaps new start-up schools will be day schools,” Magoha speculated. Several education stakeholders feel that abolishing boarding schools will put an end to the recent uptick in school discontent.

The CS has also indicated that eliminating all boarding schools at once would be difficult, but that the government would instead adopt a policy requiring future schools to be day schools. This will result in an increase in the number of day schools that will see accommodation of CBC students who will transit to junior secondary next year January. According to the Cs. Magoha ,the CBC pupils who are in class six are expected to join class seven next year will not be allowed to join boarding schools under Junior secondary. They will use day schools.


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