Forget about India, This Country is Now Mask-Free


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Wearing masks has been the new normal since the outbreak of the novel Corona virus in early 2020. Washing hands and self isolation has also been the order of the day. We learned new words like quarantine and sanitizer during the pandemic. Our country has put up measures to control the spread of the deadly virus in Kenya. The government had also embarked on mass vaccination of it's citizens.

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One country in the world seems to have defeated the monster. Israel has been the first country to allow its citizens to go mask-Free. This comes after vaccinating over 60% of the Israelis. They rolled out an elaborate plan to purchase enough vaccines from manufacturers for their people.

Meanwhile in India the situation is dire as hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen. Britain and USA have rushed vaccines which the country is also in acute need of.

When will Kenyans finally go mask-Free? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile let's continue masking up and sanitising. Keep social distance when in public and stay at home when done with work. Let's also follow all protocols set by the ministry of health. Share widely.