Three Key Issues Which Fred Matiangi Addressed Today


Matiangi addressing people today talked about the following issues which are very vital to Kenyans.The three major issues were;

1.They will not let businesses and economy suffer due to politics

Matiangi addressed Kenyans today telling Kenyan that they will never let businesses to suffer due to politics.Matiangi said ,"This is our home in Earth and we are here to serve the citizens."

2.Those who are inciting Kenyans to fight to stopit

Politicians or people who keep inciting Kenyans to stop it.He said that.There are those people who conduct themselves in a way that can bring peacelesnes in the country.He warned them to stop it.

3.Kenyans to maintain peace among one another.

Dr.Fred Matiangi said that the mama mboga and the boda men are working out their peacefully and they should maintain it.

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