VIDEO:Gem MP Finally Breaks Silence On The River Yala Tragedy

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The Gem constituency member of parliament honorable Elisha Odhiambo has finally broken the silence on the river Yala tragedy blaming the investigative agencies for their slowness in carrying out investigations.Following his speech today Friday, mister Odhiambo blames the investigative agencies for dragging their feet in probing the mysterious dumping of bodies in River Yala.Odhaimbo claimed that agencies are yet to establish the people behind the dumping despite the concerns of the residents."It beats logic why the investigating and prosecutorial agencies led by the Director of Criminals Investigation and the office of the director of public prosection have taken too long to solve the puzzle,"he said.

While addressing a press conference at parliament buildings today, the lawmaker blamed the alleged tag of war and the supremacy battle between the DCI boss mister George Kinoti and the DDP mister Noordin Haji for the endless dumpings in River Yala that has been witnessed in the past few days.Atleats 20 human bodies have been retrieved from the river in the past few days in the shocking revelations that sparked concerns among Kenyans.

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