Uhuru to Award Aaron Cheruiyot Over Exemplary Performance

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Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot is among the leaders who will receive a budge of honor during the Mashujaa day celebrations. He is basically the only from the hustlers nation who will be awarded for among others they are from the handshake camp.

According to sources, the president will decorate most leaders who have brought honor to the county through various contributions. This means Aaron Cheruiyot is just among the most performing leaders in the country given the solutions that he has offered to leadership.

The only we can wish Aaron Cheruiyot for such exemplary honor from the head of state is all the best moving into the future. The fact of the matter is that such honor are rare to get and when they come your way you must grasp them with open hands.

Despite being a strong supporter of DP Ruto, it's clear Aaron Cheruiyot support and award is in order for he has served this country diligently. It's congratulations therefore and all the best to him for clearly such an award confirms he was a true leader and a champion of issues that can take this country to the next level.

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