Female celebrities who were raised by their fathers

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The fathers of the following celebrities proved that men can do it too, they raised their daughters who went on to become social dignitaries.

Owami Mafokate

The DJ has been close to her father since she was a child. Her parents later split and she continued to live with her father and her other siblings. Her father, Arthur Mafokate, is a huge supporter of his children, and he made them realize what they wanted to do at an early age. Owami became a dj at an early age because her father supported her when she started showing interest.

Pearl Modiadie

She is a successful radio personality and business woman, Pearl was raised by her father after her mom died. She completed high school and went to Tertiary, she then became a tv presenter and after ventured into radio. She is currently one of the biggest in the country.

Pearl Thusi

The movie star lost her mom at an early age. She also got pregnant when she was still in school, but because of the support she got from her loved ones she never gave up. Pearl pushed herself and she is currently a world known actress and TV host.

Lettoya makhene

The actress also lost her mom at a young age. Lettoya dealt with a lot and her father was always giving her support. She faced abuse and went to initiation school for traditional healers and her father was by her side. She then came out as a lesbian and her father still accepted her.




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