Nancy Isime Rocks New Haircut, Says Stlye Is a Way To Say Who You Are Without Speaking(See Photos)

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Nancy Isime is a popular Nigerian celebrity,one of the top darlings of the screen to many. She is a TV presenter,actress,model and fashion icon.

The 28 year old beauty is undoubtedly a fashion icon in the entertainment industry,Nigeria. She has been a model for several companies like House of Marie,Shakara Coutoure,Adebayo Jones,Konga Online and others.

Her fashion always speaks for her any time she dresses and steps out,starting with unique hairstyle.

Nancy rocks a unique golden afro haircut that makes her stand out in the crowd. It is a low cut afro that has a curved shaping located on the left side of her hair.

Earlier on,she took to her IG handle to showcase another awesome afro cut,still golden but seen with many stripe cuts,in beautiful curve patterns this time. She says 'stlye is a way to say who you are without having to speak'.

See photos belowAccording to Nancy,her hairstyle does not in anyway show maturity in Nigerian Entertainment Industry rather she discovered her unique style while trying out different haircut and made a decision to keep it.

The fashonista,is definitely set to pave a trend for ladies and fans.

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