What happened to this dog after drinking a whole full of calabash of pito.

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This is what happened to a dog after drinking a whole full of calabash of pito.

The owner of this dog came to the pito base with the dog to drink and exercise patient to beat time as he was preparing to go to the Bush to find what he and his family will depend on for the day.

The man bought one full bottle of price GHc3, he then pour some into the calabash and began to drink. And so as to delay for an appropriate time to move to the bush, he relaxed by sipping the pito slowly and gently for it to work properly in his body.

He felt asleep as he waits and haven't finished his pito, his dog then opened the cover from the calabash and also drank the rest of it. It also slept since it was drank, and for about 15 minutes time the man worked up to see his pito was finished so he thought he had drank them before sleeping so he then called his dog and its was very lazy to wake up, he forced it up and it suddenly went down again.

He was worried until someone told him, the dog drank the rest of his pito so it is feeling tipsy and for that matter, they will not be able to go to the Bush.

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