The lesson I learned from the ants invading my room that is worth sharing.


The lesson I learned from the ants invading my room that's worth sharing.

There are some red ants that keep coming into my room and their behavior has thought me a lesson that is worth sharing. You know what they say that ''sharing is caring''.

The narration

I live in a chamber and hall apartment with no kitchen so I decided to use the hall as a kitchen in the meantime until my landlady completes a kitchen in front of the hall. That been said, I keep my cooked foods in the hall together with my stocked foods and my cooking utensils. There are these red ants that kept coming into the room through a small opening above the window in the hall. The way they invade my food was annoying me so I killed them when I see them in their lines. By then I was not having a trash can so almost every day they travel straight to my silvers containing stew, rice, wakye, and rice water which are the meals I often prepare.

Then I got a trash can which I placed directly in the corner under the window where they make their entrance. I observed that it takes about 3 or more days for them to get to my food as they first make a stop inside the trashcan to feed themselves on the leftovers I put in the trash.

The lesson I learned 

Don't be contemptuous, comfortable, or happy with the situation in which you are right now and refuse to explore. I observed that though the ants could have stayed and obtained their food from the trashcan for a long time, they still make their way to food in my utensils. There are people who think that they are comfortable where they are but life can change at any time. We all saw how coronavirus came to change the world. Always try to seek a better life for yourself even if you okay at where you are currently. Remember, the food in the utensils are better than the ones in the trashcan for the ants.