Ghanaians Blast Paul Adom-Otchere Over Recent Post On “Arise Ghana” Demo; See Reactions And Reason

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The popular television presenter has become the centre of public ridicule after he decided to react to issues concerning the “arise Ghana” demonstration.

The demonstration came up when some politically motivated group of people decided to attack the Ghana Police force who were in some way protecting these individuals during the demonstration.

The recent demonstration which resulted in some horrible scenes led to some of the demonstrators getting themselves while the police held some of these individuals in custody for their unexpected attacks on the police force.

In response to this recent news, Mr. Paul Adom-Otchere stated that it was inappropriate for the politically motivated demonstrators to attack the Ghana Police Service and in view of this fact, he urged the police and the IGP to take the needed actions in order to ensure justice is instilled regardless of their stand amidst the highly debated demonstration.

Below are some reactions from netizens who felt Paul Adom-Otchere didn’t act in the interest of the demonstrators.

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