CS Magoha decries low turnout in Form One reporting

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Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, has recently revealed worrying information about form one students. According to him, Secondary Schools in the country expected to receive great number of form one students as they were required to report to their respective schools as from Monday. However, the education Cabinet Secretary has revealed that the low turnout country wide maybe as a result of guardians keeping children home awaiting to find alternative schools.

Magoha has given instructions to all principals that they should not allow students to change schools, saying that issues of changing school should be stopped and students allowed to report to their respective schools.

Magoha added that, parents should not worry as the government as taken full control in term of offering their children with best education and subsequently the children will perform well. He also, said that child's performance is based on discipline and self drive, denying that child's performance does not depend on general school's performance.

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