Rowdy Nyandarua Residents Reject Food Donated By Azimio Politician- VIDEO

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Kenyan elections are always hotly contested but the forthcoming vote on 9 August promises to be especially bitterly fought. President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is serving out his second and last term, is at loggerheads with Deputy President William Ruto, who was instrumental in propelling Kenyatta to victory in two previous elections and is making his first bid for the top office.

Kenyan elections are among the most competitive in East and Central Africa, with politics dominated by personalities and money rather than first- or second-generation scions of an armed liberation movement who are reluctant to relinquish power, as in several other countries in the region.

Today, July 6, 2022, a dramatic scene engulfed Nyandarua County after rowdy residents rejected a relief food that was allegedly donated by Azimio la Umoja one Kenya Alliance Coalition brigades SG Hon. Jeremiah Kioni with residents chanting anti-Kioni chants.

This comes at a time many Kenyans are crying foul following the hard times many are currently passing through following hiked prices of commodities in the country.

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