Why Uganda Has Restricted Ladies From Sitting With Truck Drivers In The Front Cabin

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Uganda has banned their ladies from sitting in front seat of trucks following the rising cases of accidents that have been reported in a very short time. The ban that was enforced by the authorities comes after a very bad accident involving a truck that killed 9 people and injured 19 others was recorded.[Photo Courtesy]

The accident happened after a truck transporting traders and their merchandise fell in a popular swamp in Uganda 7km out of one of their City identified as Lira. The truck was returning to Lira city when the worst happened. The driver of the truck reportedly lost control and plunged into a swamp.

The police attributed the accident to careless driving, and overloading. However, it was also revealed that female passengers or even lovers of those truck drivers might be the reason behind the accident. The women have been accused of confusing drivers while they are busy driving.

They usually wear very short dresses and other inappropriate clothes that usually leave drivers salivating for for them. Their thighs are exposed to the driver hence catching his attention while he is busy driving. Therefore, the driver will concentrate on the thighs and then cause an accident. Therefore, the drivers have been warned not to carry female passengers at the front cabin.

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