Growing & Harvesting Okra In Pots & Containers

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Okra, also known as ladyfingers or gumbo, is an essential staple in southern cuisine. Stirred into succotash to fried to golden perfection, this vegetable is well known and easy to enjoy. 

What’s lesser-known? Just how easy it is to grow at home. 

Okra is a versatile and resilient container plant that can be grown even in small outdoor spaces. And though it’s typically cultivated in the heat of the deep south, you can actually grow it throughout the United States. 

Want to try your hand at growing okra? Read on to discover all the tips, tricks, and hacks you need to grow amazing okra in your own backyard.

Like all plants, okra can run into issues that keep it from growing its best. One of the most common ones to watch for disease. 

Okra is susceptible to “damping off” (a microorganism that prevents okra seeds from germination), yellow vein mosaic fungus, fusarium, enation leaf curl, and southern blight. If you are serious about preventing disease, you’ll want to be sure that your plants get plenty of sun, that your soil is above 70 degrees and that your fertilizers are low in nitrogen and high in phosphorus. 

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