Hon. Alban Bagbin Benefited The Most From Security Than His Predecessors - Majority Caucus.

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The Majority caucus in Parliament has denied the claim that the withdrawal of four security Personnels attached to Alban Bagbin, the Speaker of Parliament, was politically motivated.

According to the Majority Caucus, Alban Bagbin has benefited the most from the security than his predecessors.

“He has four police officers in his known residence. He has three police officers in his secretariat, and he has five other policemen in and around the Speaker’s office block any day, any time,” the statement read.

They also noted that they saw no problem with the high military trying to regularise the irregularities in the military security details since the due procedures were not followed in attaching them.

“In the event, if the military insists on regularising his security detail, how does that compromise the Speaker’s security, or put him in harm’s way as the Speaker himself has stated?”.

They further added that speakers are supposed to be neutral umpires or referees in Parliament. They are supposed to listen to Members in silence and not participate in debates and make rulings when called upon to do so by Members.

They, therefore, called upon the minority to prove that the withdrawal of the security Personnels was politically motivated otherwise they see it as sheer propaganda, not the truth.

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