Black players in the England squad attacked by racists


Racism has become very common in today's society and has been very difficult to deal with. Certain people in the world who feel others should not be where they are or should be treated differently because of their skin colour or race have always protested in rather violent ways and whiles at it infringe on other people's fundamental human rights. Another of such incidence was seen yesterday at the just ended Euros 2020 held across 11 countries in Europe.

Black players in the English squad for the just ended Euro 2020 were shown no mercy as racists once again took to social media to abuse them. Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were abused with racial comments for not being able to convert from the spot kick.

Racists who have always relished the opportunity to hurt black people verbally yesterday got their opportunity as these three promising talents were at the centre of the hateful comments and reactions.

England has had a fine round of form in the just ended euros and Bukayo Saka and Raheem sterling have been instrumental for the English team with brilliant performances from other English players with African backgrounds.

However all that was forgotten as some fans heartlessly rained curses and threats on the victims. One fan even tweeted "Saka, should go play for Nigeria " which indeed is sad looking at the fine form he has been in during the whole tournament.

The English government has however condemned the attacks and stands with the players.