Best Ways To Deal With A Couple, Friend Or Relative Who Abuse Alcohol


People take Alcohol for different reasons,some for socialization, others to kill boredom, others to get rid of stress and their troubles, others because it is a norm and they are used to it.

Before you come up with an appropriate method to handle a couple ,a friend or a relative who is a drunkard,you need to examine and get his or her reason for Alcohol abuse.

This you can do by accompanying them to drinking joints.It is a culture of drunkards to share their life experience,so from there you can easily know why their are abusing alcohol.

Next step is monitoring them closely after they have taken alcohol.People behave differently after taking alcohol some become unruly, others become docile, while a good number are usually jovial,from the behaviour exhibited you can easily determine their reason and come up with appropriate way of handling them.

Lastly, it is important to accept them and show them that they are loved.This will make it easy for you to tell them that they should stop or reduce the rate of alcohol consumption.

When they feel loved, chances of them hurting you are very minimal or nill because many people wouldn't wish to hurt those who love them.

In conclusion, let us help those who are abusing alcohol by accepting them and and helping them reduce consumption or stop completely.