The Taliban Fired Shots in the Air as Last U.S Military Plane Departed from Afghanistan


According to pentagon sources, the last U.S military aircraft left Afghanistan on Monday evening. This means that the long war Americans have been fighting in Afghanistan has just ended.

In a statement from the White House President Biden praised the U.S troops for their good work in implementing the exit from Afghanistan. He commended them for executing the strategy well as planned.

Biden is expected to address the nation on Tuesday and outline more diplomatic efforts that his administration will be taking to help Americans and other partners who are still in Afghanistan. The U.S is all set for a new engagement with Afghanistan.

The last days of the U.S military action in Afghanistan have been chaotic and full of fatalities as the troops tried to prevent attacks from the Taliban and also ensure a smooth exodus of the refugees and Americans from Afghanistan.

It will remain in the minds of many people that over 2400 U.S army men died in Afghanistan as they fought the long war.


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