"How Pleasure Made Me Lose My Fire For God Years Ago" -Apostle Arome Osayi

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Popular Cleric, Arome Osayi, reveals how a little comfort almost cost him his spiritual life.

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"There was a time I visited my sister in Abuja. I had just finished my Youth Service in Kano. There were air conditioners all around her house and everything was comfortable. My sister lived in a Julius Berger estates, so there was always light. In those days using the internet was not common, yet I had a computer where I could browse. They also had a satellite dish in the house and i watched a lot of films.

My brother-in-law asked me to take some time to rest as I had been fasting for so long. I believed him and decided to enjoy myself. After two months, I was at home when I sensed the activity of demons. I jumped to pray in tongues, but I couldn't utter anything.

Have you ever stood up to do something and like Samson, discovered that the strength was no more there? That's how I felt.

I had given my heart to the things of the world and with every passing day, I discovered that my spirit did not have compatibility with those films I was watching.

Meanwhile, in my backslidden state, I was still preaching sermons in Abuja. I had to practice the gimmicks I would use to preach because there was no Jesus in my heart.

When I discovered my mistakes, I made use of the library in the house and shut myself from those things that distracted me. There was a fire I needed to rekindle. I embarked on a fast and I declared that everything that was not of God in me would die.

Everybody has an implant of desire for God. The day the devil puts you in a little situation, you will find your way back to God.

One day, everything that makes the carnal mind happy will expire because that desire in your spirit will keep calling for God.

God says: I am the one that planted that desire in your heart, so that you can access me. If you sincerely seek me, you will find me and you will cause the Will of God to be established on the earth."

Source: Apostle Arome Osayi

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