Use this common plant to remove pimples from the face


Aloe vera, sometimes described as a “wonder plant,” is a short-stemmed shrub. Aloe is a genus that contains more than 500 species of flowering succulent plants. Many Aloes occur naturally in North Africa. The leaves of Aloe vera are succulent, erect, and form a dense rosette.

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

There are plenty of ways you can use aloe vera, both topically and internally.

Heals burns. Due to its soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties, aloe vera is often used to treat burns. ...

Improves digestive health.

Promotes oral health. ...

Clears acne.

Relieves anal fissures.

Aloe seems to be able to speed wound healing by improving blood circulation through the area and preventing cell death around a wound. It also appears that aloe gel has properties that are harmful to certain types of bacteria and fungi. Aloe latex contains chemicals that work as a laxative.

Aloe vera gel and skin can be eaten. ... Be sure to wash the gel or skin thoroughly to remove all traces of latex, which has an unpleasant bitter taste and may cause harmful side effects. Never eat aloe vera skin care products. They do not offer the same benefits as the leaf and are not meant to be ingested.