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The Champions League match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid was finally over, the match ended in a 2-0 win for Liverpool. Both teams did their best to secure their win but Liverpool beat Atletico Madrid 2-0 at Anfield. In the defeat to Atletico Madrid this season, Liverpool turned out to be strong contenders for the Champions League title. However, there are four players whose performance contributed to Atletico Madrid's victory. Here are the two players.

1. Diogo.

Diogo Jota's first-half goal in the 13th minute gave Liverpool an early lead at Anfield. His performance throughout the match was outstanding as he put in a lot of effort to score in their match against Atletico Madrid.

2. Trent Alexander Arnold.

Alexander Arnold's performance against Atletico Madrid at Anfield in the Champions League match helped Liverpool beat Atletico Madrid. In the first 21 minutes of the game, he has made two assists for Liverpool.

In the 13th minute of the first half, a cross from Trent Alexander Arnold supported Diogo Jota's goal. Alexander Arnold also gave Sadio Mane another template in the 21st minute of the first half. Alexander Arnold's important center contributed to Liverpool's victory.

3. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

The former Arsenal man starred in Liverpool's midfield in the match against Atletico Madrid. Chamberlain started the game slowly but after Liverpool took the lead, his performances improved significantly. No doubt, the fact that Atletico Madrid was later reduced to 10 after Felipe's red card also helped him.

4. Konstantinos Tsimikas.

He came alive in the second half and was a constant threat to the Atletico Madrid defence. The left-back also supported the midfield and had a big hand in Liverpool's second goal.

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