How technology has changed Kenyan lives in the past 10 years


Technology has affected our daily interactions and how we think. A smartphone is one of the top gadgets that have had an enormous impact on Kenyan lives. It has a big impact on; education, health, media, agriculture, banking and communication. In 2010, an Android powered smartphone was owned by only a few Kenyans. Most citizens used 2G network and could hardly access the internet. Today, approximately 85% of the population are using 3G and 4G.

The development of mobile apps has contributed greatly especially in the access to credit loans online even to low-income workers. This has boosted the dynamics of the micro economy but living most people unable to pay back the loans.

The e-commerce was born in 2013 and has enabled the access of goods at the comfort of your home through the various shopping websites. Most business people now incorporate online payments and goods delivery.

The forth industrial revolution is already being felt in Kenya. Emerging technologies such as blockchain, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and internet of things started to attract adoption. Kenyans can now access the various government services like getting a passport, KRA certificate and many more through a digital platform called e-citizen.

Regarding Big Data, Kenya is at the descriptive and visualization stage hence very far from digital transformation and reinvention. The field has so far reached diagnostics phase where local banks are using data analytics to determine the creditworthiness of borrowers.

The growth of technology in the past decade cannot be underestimated. It has contributed greatly to the expansion of the digital economy hence changing the lives of Kenyans.


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