An Open Letter From A Fan To Omoyele Sowore's Appearing In The Court Of Law With A Spiritual Leader


Dear Mr Sowore "Yele" you are better than this Sir, I believed in you as a religious man who should practice Christianity instead you disappointed me by appearing in the Nigerian Court Of Law.

All these years I hold great respect for you and how you had good plans for Nigerians to the level you came out as a registered presidential candidate in 2019 but it seems your turn is not arrived. I believe you wanted to rule Nigeria as a president but it this your who you're going to make your special adviser on Religious affairs? If yes then I just loosed my respect today, if "No" then what is your reason for appearing in the court of of Law With A Native Doctor.

Dear Sawore I I'm no more holding grudges to anyone who drags you a a rebel for practicing revolution, what will the international bodies who Nigeria needs to keep the economy stable see us as? Sawore do you think appearing in court today will give you victory or manipulate the Judge.

Sawore Appearing In Court Today With a Native Doctor

I'm angry again fo paying your media outlet@Saharareporters to make this look encouraging but the world has moved from this stage to Technology era, stop disgracing Nigerians and the Yoruba people.

What's it your take on this ? Do you also see this act as local?