Prisons In Lagos And Year of Establishment


The Lugardian era (1912-1930) witnessed the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria (1914). In 1917, the Prisons Ordinance was established.

The Nigerian Correctional Service, formerly known as Nigerian Prison Service is a government agency of Nigeria which operates prisons. The agency is headquartered in Abuja, and it is under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Defence Immigration and Correctional Service.

Below are different prisons in Lagos their year of establishment:

Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison

Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison is a prison west of Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is named after the rural Kirikiri community in which it's situated in. A part of the Nigerian Correctional Service, its official capacity is 1,056. It was first established in 1955.

Ikoyi Prison

The Ikoyi Medium Security Custodial Centre, built in 1955 for 800 inmates, has a population of 3,113 with 2,680 of them being persons awaiting trial.