Beware of the New COVID Symptom that Indicates if You May Have Contracted the Virus Unknowingly


The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to ravage many parts of the world. As the number of infections continue to soar, the death toll has also been on the rise. Countries are still enforcing measures that will somehow alleviate the uncontrollable situation.

The symptoms of the virus are well known. The major ones include a persistent cough, high temperatures, and loss of smell or taste. Others that have also been mentioned include fatigue, and skin rashes. People who have displayed this symptoms have always been advised to seek medical advice and avoid coming into contact with other people until they are confirmed to be negative of the deadly virus.

However, it has recently been revealed that the appearance of the nails can also be a major indicator of a person who has contracted the virus before. This is according to a leading British scientist who has been at the forefront of fighting the virus.

Professor Tim Spector has claimed that the appearance of a "clear line" on the nails may be an indicator that you may have had the virus before. The professor who leads the Zoe Symptoms app went on to share a picture of how these nails will appear if you have come into contact with the virus in the past.

He went on to ask if you have notices anything odd with your nails you should seek medical advice. He stated that people who recover from the virus it leaves a clear mark on the nails which appear harmless. However, he also indicated that those lines will sometimes be visible after contracting a flu. But they only appear after one has encountered the illness and has recovered.

Beware of such symptoms coz it may indicate you have recovered from COVID-19.